There were 1,667 participants and 2,769 pieces of works in Singapore, and 334 participants in Malaysia.
The awards were announced for Singapore, Malaysia and China, with a total of two pieces of Top Award (Singaporean contestants), three pieces of Gold Award (one for Singaporean contestants and two for Chinese contestants) and seven pieces of Silver Award (two for Singaporean contestants, three for Malaysian contestants and two for Chinese contestants).


AuthorArt work
cou weng cen Happy Land
gem zen on Toilet revolution
yeo hiu song The Three
pong yug ha Landscape design of resort villa under the countryside
fan yim yim Justice
peng a mei Word swim word in
yen hung féi Splendid Flowers
can wo pui  Elegant Glory
mug yinga gongLace shackles
mui hiu man The Future Has Come
jiu sem ha Double-pen
xi cung san Red, Yellow, Blue and Green
wei hung muiThe Three Brothers of the Red Army
pig tin qi The Zodiac
mou hiu hung Multifunctional Ruler
ling sug hou Spring Farming in Zhuang Township
lei hoi ha National color
zen hung wei Angels and demons
meg hing gongThe Source of Life
ji ken ken Creation of Children’s Cultural Space
seo guog wen Sea tip
Choo Jin LeongWings travel thousands of miles
li chhio chongNumber
li tiong koanCTRL + Y
chu chi engCircle and Garden